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Monday, May 6, 2013

Motherhood...One of the Many Hats We Wear!

It is easy for me to lose myself in the chores of motherhood.  I can get so wrapped up in the diaper changing, schedule of activities, serving healthy meals, etc. that I forget myself.  I forget that I am capable of so much...I can change a poopy diaper anywhere, but I also can make and create all kinds of things!  I can sing silly songs, I have an excuse to dance goofily in the aisle at Kroger (for Parker's entertainment of course), I can walk around covered in finger paint, and these should all be badges of honor!  But I can also get dressed up and cut loose.  Motherhood should be fun and full of laughter from more than just Parker, but I can't forget it is a combination of all my roles that makes me a joyful, blessed mom.  So here are a few of my favorite creations and of course, some of our adventures!

  Grocery shopping at the Fort Worth Science Museum.  This was such fun!
 Hmmm...These buttons make bubbles and music! This was a fun day with Kimba, Hattie, Chelsea, and Logan!
 LEGOLAND was such fun!  We went with Chelsea and Logan.  I really wish they sold these huge, soft blocks somewhere.

  Creating away!
  Little Gym is one of our favorite activities.  Parker just learns so much there!  Yes, she actually climbed this 4 foot wall!

 One of my better ideas. This is just a bowl of water and tons of utensils.  I knew this would be a hit after catching her in the dogs' water bowl.
 Parker's felt board I created.  I saw quite a few of these on pinterest and decided to give it a go!  I used a painter's canvas and staple gunned felt onto it for a background.  I just googled "castle" coloring pages, "cow" coloring pages, etc.  and printed them.  Then I attached them to felt and cut around the lines.  Fancier pinteresters actually stitched round the felt, but something simpler suits us quite fine. 
 I haven't forgotten to "cut loose".  Here I am with Chelsea at the Hair Bar in Southlake.  Oh my goodness what a treat!  We had the most fun getting all dolled up.  Not only did they fix me up, but they gave me champagne :). 
 False lashes and all!
  These are some napkins I embroidered for a shower gift, along with this adorable burlap gift tag and matching cooler.  I just love, love, love using my machine to create so many fun and adorable things!
I had so much fun making this wreath for Parker's birthday.  Who would have thought a milkbone, pink puppy wreath would give me so much pleasure!

These two shirts are my favorite creations for Parker so far.  The first one is a look-a-like of her "lovey" security blanket, and the second shirt is her Easter bunny outfit. 
Another fun pinterest idea: oil drip pan and magnets!
 This burlap runner for a wedding shower turned out adorable.  My mom sewed the runner, and I embroidered it!  
Here are just a few more pictures of Parker's fun!
Pudding Paint

Picnics and painting

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parker's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Parker turned one, ONE, yes O-N-E- (Can you tell I'm having some trouble accepting this?) on April 6th. This post is just pictures.  The photographer is Laura Veno, and she is wonderful!  Here are a few other blog posts about Parker's birthday.

I will post her birthday party post today or tomorrow, but I just had to share these photos from her photo shoot.