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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Week in the Life of Pip

I know what you're thinking...I haven't posted in a week!  Well, Parker, Jon and I have been busy (a fun kind of busy).  The weather has been so wonderful that Parker and I have been enjoying spending time outside everyday...before it gets too hot!
 I love, love, love staying at home with Parker, but I also like to make sure we have plenty of activities to keep us entertained.  Otherwise Parker (cough or mommy cough) will go stir crazy.  I have been studying some toddler activity books, and I stumbled across this genius idea.  If you want to have activities to do at home, you have to plan for them!  Well, you would think I could have figured this out on my own, but I credit the book!  So, now, I use my beautiful MayBook (click on the link to order) notebook, to plan for creative toddler activities.  Anyone who knows me, knows I must have an adorable notebook at all times.  It is the teacher in me.
Here are a few of our fun activities:
 Parker mixing flour and water.  Who would have thought this would entertain her for so long?  Plus, I didn't have to shop for those ingredients.

This was a major winner...sidewalk chalk paint!  It is 2T cornstarch to 2T water plus food coloring.  Parker worked on her "masterpieces" for at least an hour.  Obviously, she tasted the paint, but it is totally baby safe!  Then the paint just washed right off with water.  Big success and lots of fun to watch Parker explore her artistic side.

Parker and I went to the zoo for the first time this week too.  We met up with our friends Paisley and Jennifer and had fun exploring.  I don't know if Pip was more interested in all of the people or the animals, but we had so much fun. Parker loved "mooing" at all of the animals...



 Hmmm...those shades didn't last long!  Parker always has to have her cup holders full of puffs.  I've just given into this demand. 

 Pointing and mooing!
 Somehow, Parker knew how to work an ice cream cone...Delicious!  Please notice there is a healthy food in her cup holder at least...bananas!
 Parker also went and had a fun time at Cookie and Bevo's house, and Mommy organized this pantry!  Four days later, it is still looking organized! Hopefully, it lasts...
Here are a few more photos of us enjoying the outdoors:

 Oh, and how could I forget...after all of this outdoor play, Parker asked for a little "pampering time", so of course I gave into her demands...She had her first pedicure.  Not really, just a little polish, but still just as fun!


Last, but not least, Parker's video of her golf talents...hmmm...I think she needs lessons!

 See you in a few days, I promise :)


















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  1. Great post!! I'm dying to try your flour and water idea and also the chalk paint. The video cracked me up-- um I hate to break it to you but I feel like you have a cheerleader on your hands rather than a golfer. And that clicky light- so. darn. distracting.

    Cute pics!