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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daddy & Daughter

There is something so special about a father/daughter relationship.  Jon is a great Daddy, and Parker loves screaming the word "Dat" whenever she thinks he is nearby...when the garage opens, when Mommy is attempting to make her nap, when she sees a picture of a man holding a child, etc.  These are just a few snapshots that show their special bond.  Don't worry I'll do a "real" blog post soon too!

 Here they are "working" had.  You will especially love the video posted last of them "working".
 Daddy teaching Parker how to make bubbles.
 Just smelling the flowers and assessing their landscape.
 Parker waving and being friendly to all (just like Dad).

In case you can't tell, Parker is in her Snow White costume. She is Daddy's little princess after all.
 Dancing at dinner together.

Both are obsessed with their dogs.
 I would find Parker's "working" distracting, but Dad is able to handle it!

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